Loving what we do!

Nicky's Little Kitchen is based in Hertfordshire and began some six years ago with a hobby for jam, jellies, chutneys and marmalade making and home baking, the next step was to take our ideas out onto the road, and there was born Nicky's Little Kitchen Co.  At the helm is Nicky and her co pilot Chris, also joining the journey is Jess (who is Gluten Free) & Amelia (who is vegetarian & dairy allergy) both are chief tasters of all things sweet & savoury.  A few years later, after discovering Jess could not eat at our events, we turned our attention to offering something for everyone, young and old to those with allergies. 
Welcome to Crepes & Waffles by Nicky's Little Kitchen. 
BTW we didn't forget about the jams and chutneys etc, these are now in our delicious crepes.   

Nicky's Little Kitchen can offer you sweet & savoury options, alongside 

Gluten Free crepes and toppings.